Purpose and Policy


The foundation aims, without the pursuit of profit, to stand up for the freedom of the written word and to propagate, nationally and internationally, the importance and meaning of this. The foundation strives to achieve this by opposing any form of repression with regard to the freedom of the written word, particularly by supporting the publication and promotion of texts being threatened with censorship and by participating in common initiatives and activities.


The approach focuses mainly on censorship. An effective means by which to oppose censorship is to publish books that have in fact been banned, to bring them to the attention of the public; but also to support threatened authors and provide them with a platform where they can be heard. Furthermore, censorship can be exposed by commissioning writers, researchers and journalists to map out the places in the world where censorship exists and the ways in which censorship is practiced.


The foundation is predominantly active in a more private way, not seeking publicity. This is done not because there is anything to hide, but in order to protect the book projects and authors whom we support from the dangers of boycott or persecution by local regimes, as in Vietnam, Sudan or Tibet.

Thanks to independent observation and a network of international contacts cultivated over many years, which requires constant development, the executive board itself can carry out the selection of and start projects eligible for support.


The Eva Tas Foundation is not the only organization defending freedom of expression. Throughout the world there exists a network of agencies and institutions whose main or secondary objective relates to freedom of expression. By carefully maintaining contact with each other and supporting each other’s endeavors, events, magazines and projects, but also through active participation in debates, conferences and fairs, they reinforce each other. That goes for the Eva Tas Foundation as well: greater and better results can be achieved not alone but jointly, with kindred spirits.