Board and Organization

Executive Board


Hester Knibbe, poet. She made her debut in 1982 with Tussen Gebaren en Woorden (Between Gestures and Words), after which she published more than ten volumes of her poetry. Her work has been awarded, among others, the Herman Gorter Prize, and the A. Roland Holst Prize. In 2015 she was awarded the prestigious VSB Poetry Prize. From 2008 to 2015 she was a Board member of the PEN Center of The Netherlands; from 2008 to 2010 as Chairperson.


Peter de Haan studied macroeconomics and development economics at Amsterdam University. After his graduation, he joined the United Nations Development Programme, and, subsequently, the Dutch funding agency OXFAM/Novib. At the Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation, he held senior positions at various Dutch embassies. De Haan has written five books on economic history and development economics.


Daan Cartens (Delft, 1958) studied history and Dutch literature at Leiden University. After graduation he worked for various publishing houses, for BRT-3, a Belgian radio, and for the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels. Since 2002, Cartens works at the Literature Museum in The Hague, originally leading its Presentations Department and now as  curator of Collections. From 1996-2000, Cartens was secretary of PEN Netherlands; from 2000- 2004 he served as chairperson. In 1983, Cartens made his literary debut with a collection of short stories entitled Duel. Since then he published short stories, poems, and essays, about Cees Nooteboom (Der Augenmensch), Hugo Claus and other authors. In 2016, Cartens published Wachten op Jeroen Bosch (Waiting for Jeroen Bosch)

Board Member

Janita Monna (1971) studied Dutch literature in Amsterdam. She is a journalist, literary critic, and lecturer. She writes  a weekly column about poetry for Trouw, a Dutch newspaper. For  a long time she lived on the island of Bonaire. As a correspondent, she contributed to various newspapers such as Caribisch Netwerk. In addition, she worked as editor of various literary festivals, such as Poetry International.  There she was one of the initiators of the annual Gedichtendag (Poems Day).

Board Member

Jeannette Smit (1951) was Deputy Director of the Literature Museum from 1996 to 2016. At present she is active in various capacities in a number of boards, such as Secretary  of Foundation to promote museum projects in The Hague and as Treasurer of the Jan Campert Foundation.


The organization of the fund is characterized by a way of working that involves no main office and no staff, only three board members, each of whom carries out activities for the foundation from home. This executive board is assisted, in terms of expertise and feedback on concrete matters, by an advisory council.

The assets of the fund are managed under a ‘moderately defensive’ regime. Agreements concerning this have been established in an investment statute. The aim is to preserve the principal and to spend entirely the annual funds made available from the return, although reserves can be set aside for anticipated major expenses.

Advisory council

Since the former members of the Advisory Board have took up Executive Board positions, a  new Advisory Board has been installed, consisting of:

Marjoleine de Vos and  K. Michel.